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Sounders FC salary list

Basically just retooling the list at, its the top salaries to the lowest.

Fredy Montero           $500,000

Alvaro Fernandez       $300,000

Kasey Keller               $250,000

Nate Jaqua               $200,000

Osvaldo Alonso           $140,000

Jeff Parke                  $136,500

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado $135,000

Brad Evans                $126,500

Erik Friberg                $110,000

Leonardo Gonzalez      $110,000

O’Brien White               $100,000

Pat Noonan                $96,000

James Riley                $92,000

Steve Zakuani            $90,000

Patrick Ianni              $85,050

Taylor Graham            $60,638

Michael Tetteh           $60,000

Tyson Wahl                $51,870

Zach Scott                 $44,109

Roger Levesque           $44,000

Terry Boss                  $42,000

Michael Fucito            $42,000

Michael Seamon          $42,000

Mauro Rosales             $42,000

Servando Carrasco      $32,604

David Estrada             $32,604

Joshua Ford               $32,604

Miguel Montano           $32,604

Lamar Neagle             $32,604

Minimum salary in the MLS is $32,000.

The “average wage” in America is roughly $40,000, and just doing some quick research people think it takes anywhere from $30,000-$50,000 to live without troubles in the US. Using that logic, 10-12 players are under that “comfortable minimum” or whatever you call that magic number to live without financial trouble. So, while the MLS isn’t the millions of dollars that other leagues are made of, about 2/3 of the Sounders IT APPEARS can rely on their base salaries (this isn’t adding in incentives) and not have to take a second job to live without financial trouble. I wish to know how many of the players are forced to take a job or have some sort of financial help, but it appears as though most players can play professional soccer in America without financial trouble.

This is just my guess as a stupid teenager with no financial knowledge by the way, so don’t necessarily base everything in the world on this post.